Here is a glimpse into the long career of painter Peter Ruta, a modern American master born in Germany 1918, raised in Italy, who reached New York in 1936 as a refugee from Fascism. Ruta has dedicated most of his life to painting outdoors from the motif.  He painted his first landscapes in Italy in the 1950s, a recovering combat wounded US infantry vet living on the Amalfi coast. He worked for most of the 70s in the highlands of Chiapas, in southern Mexico. In the 80s and 90s he explored the high desert of northern New Mexico, with intervals in New York City, New England, and France. In 2000 he shared a communal studio on the 9lst floor of the North Tower, World Trade Center. He was there again in summer 2001. From 2001 on Рin his late 80s and 90s РRuta has pursued landscape painting indoors in his New York studio. His recent still life, mountains and valleys of fruit and veg, is, like all his work, both structured and lyrical, complex and direct. Since 2001, he has returned to Italy to paint outdoors, from the motif, for several months each year. Recent museum exhibitions include Museum of the City of New York, 2004; Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig 2008, in celebration of his 90th birthday; and Villa Rufolo, Ravello, April-May 2012, a survey of his Italian paintings, early and recent.

Since the 1980s he has also painted gouache on paper in New York, Rome, southern Italy and New Mexico, producing work of great immediacy and freshness. Below, a wintry view of downtown New York ca. 1990.
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Inland Breton landscape

Rochefort en Terre, the rooves, 1994 40 x 48 inches

View from studio window 2013

My street, with nearby construction cranes
2013 44×55 inches o/c

Latest still life

95th birthday special, 2013, o/c 50×50 in.

Downtown New York

downtown New York 1989
gouache on Arches paper 22 x 30 inches

Still life after 2000

Small still life 2012 o/c 26 x 40 inches

Still life after 2000

Still life with cucumber 2006 o/c 37×54 inches

Still life after 2000

Brussel Sprouts 2010 o/c 36 x 48 inches